Westridge Farm – Parish Council Backs Campaign for Legal Challenge to Planning Process

Many members of the community have expressed grave concerns about the process that led to the decision to grant conditional approval to planning application 20/01061/FUL (development of over 400 houses on the site of Westridge Farm) by the Isle of Wight Council Planning Committee and these concerns have been shared by the members of Nettlestone and Seaview Parish Council.

The members have stayed abreast of developments and officially acknowledged their support of the ‘Save Westridge Farm’ campaign but with internal challenges inside the Isle of Wight Council having been exhausted and time running out to instigate a Judicial Review of the process, the Parish Council resolved to support the campaign financially by contributing £750 to their fundraising campaign Green Island Map

With a funding gap of £2000 needing to be filled this week – to engage a specialist planning barrister – the members hope this will go a long way to enabling the campaign to challenge for a positive resolution for all Island residents.