ASPIRE Ryde Complete Wonderful Restoration of Beloved Parish Bench

The Parish Council wishes to pass on its heartfelt gratitude to Steve Johnson,  Jerry and the team at ASPIRE Ryde for turning a rusty frame and rotten wood on Sophie Watson’s Garden into the most magnificent ‘Platinum Jubilee’ bench for the community to enjoy for decades to come.

Jubilee Plaque on bench
Jubilee Plaque On Bench

ASPIRE Ryde are yet another magnificent example of a Community group of volunteers who have partnered with the Parish Council to deliver projects that benefit all of us lucky enough to live in or visit the Parish. They were able to use recycled wood which has made it a low carbon-footprint project too. The Council look forward to lots of people sitting on it and admiring the view soon!

Why not head over the their website and find out how to get involved –

Bench on Sophie Watson's Garden
Completed Bench