Have You Ever Wondered If Your Property Might Be Suitable For Solar Panels?

The Isle of Wight Council have recently shared the link below at their ‘Environment and Sustainability Forum’:

Discover your solar potential – Independent | Instant | Accurate

https://www.solarsim.co.uk › faqs

By following the link, you will be able to enter your postcode and receive an assessment of whether your home would be suitable for Solar Panels or not… unfortunately, here on the ‘Hill’ we are told we are not but it may suit some properties!

Silver Surfers – Volunteer IT Coaches Required

If you are a confident IT user and would like to help keen local residents become more confident too, then perhaps you can become a volunteer coach at the Silver Surfers Internet Cafe sessions at Seagrove Pavilion. The type of subjects covered might include: Surfing the Internet more confidently, becoming more proficient with using email, becoming more aware of cyber threats and how to mitigate against them, approaching the purchase of new kit more confidently and having an awareness of the range of applications available to the users.

If you think, you might fit the bill, please contact the Clerk of the parish council [email protected] for more information.

New Defibrillator At Seagrove Bay

Thanks to the efforts of local resident Lara Sussman (who is keen to point out that it was a joint community effort with funding coming from both private individuals and the Seaview Regatta) there is now a defibrillator situated on the toilet block – managed by the parish council – at Seagrove Bay.

Defibrillator on wall of Seagrove bay toilets

Defibrillator In Situ at Seagrove Bay

Lara approached the council with the proposal of having a defibrillator situated at the popular spot and the council happily resolved to have the device on the block and keep it maintained on an ongoing basis. Thanks also to Clean Wight Cleaning http://www.cleanwightcleaning.co.uk/ who have agreed to perform the daily visual inspections to ensure that the device is ready for use. The defibrillator has been registered with ‘The Circuit’ https://www.thecircuit.uk/  and as a result the ambulance service will be able to direct people to it in an emergency.

Defibrillator Box With instructions visible

Defibrillator Box In Cabinet

If you find yourself in an emergency situation at Seagrove Bay where the defibrillator could help, dial 999 or 112 and follow the instructions provided.

Isle of Wight Council Launches Flood Investigation

Council launches flood investigation

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An investigation into the circumstances which led to severe flooding in parts of the Island this summer has been launched by the Isle of Wight Council.

Flash floods in July and August led to blocked roads and submerged properties after the Island was hit by spells of torrential rain.

The council has now started an investigation to better understand the causes and any factors that may have influenced the severity of the flooding and will publish a report early next year.

The work is being carried out under the requirements of the Flood and Water Management Act 2010 and will see the council speak with residents affected and private bodies with flood management responsibilities

As a result of the outcome of the investigation, the report will consider potential options to mitigate against future flooding.

Councillor Jonathan Bacon, Cabinet member for the environment, said: “It is essential that we look into the causes and impacts of the flooding that occurred earlier this year. Many residents were adversely affected and much distress and damage to properties resulted.

“I hope as many residents as possible will take the opportunity to contribute to the investigation. The information people supply will be crucial to helping us to understand the impact of the flooding on the local community, and will help us to consider potential options to take preventative steps and to mitigate the risk of similar flooding occurring in the future.”

Residents affected by the flooding during July and August 2021 are encouraged to fill in the flood investigation form at  Flood Risk and Watercourse Consents – Service Details (iow.gov.uk) where more information can also be found.

Any relevant supporting evidence, such as photographs, records of emergency service attendance and insurance claims, can be sent to [email protected]

The Barnsley Trail board is reinstated in Nettlestone.

The Barnsley Trail is a circular walk of just over 5km, that takes in the wonderful countryside and beaches of the Parish of Nettlestone and Seaview. It was devised by Alan Hersey a former Isle of Wight and Parish Councillor and keen naturalist

Barnsley Trail Map

Barnsley Trail Map – available for download via its QR code

For many years after the trail was first created a large wooden interpretation board stood at the top of Nettlestone Hill with a map of the walk. Sadly, over time, the board weathered and eventually all that remained was part of the wooden stand.

Now, a group of local volunteers working with illustrator Alan Rowe and with financial support from Nettlestone and Seaview Parish Council have created a new board. It includes a colourful map, valuable historical information about the area surrounding the walk and has new features including a QR code so the whole trail can be downloaded onto a smartphone.

Barnsley Trail Map in position on Nettlestone Hill

A walker studying the Barnsley Trail map on Nettlestone Hill.

Printed onto aluminium the new board will withstand the elements for many years to come and is positioned in exactly the same place as the original board.

View of the Solent when stood by the Barnsley Trail Map

The stunning view of The Solent when stood by the map.

Cllr Barry Elliot, chair of Nettlestone and Seaview Parish Council said,

‘We would like to encourage residents and visitors alike to come to the Parish and walk the Barnsley Trail ‘.