Residents Encouraged to Have Their Say on Island Planning Strategy

Have your say on Island Planning Strategy
Residents are being invited to help shape the future of their community by taking part in an important public consultation on the Island’s planning blueprint.

The Island Planning Strategy (IPS) is a crucial council planning document which sets out the overall approach towards future development on the Island and the policies to be used in assessing planning applications.

It outlines council policies on key issues like future housing need, affordable homes, associated infrastructure and how sustainable developments will help the Island drive towards its net zero carbon ambitions.

The plan balances social, economic and environmental issues as required by current national planning policy and fronts up to some difficult decisions such as planning for 453 homes per year until 2037 — although 2,358 of these homes across 44 different sites already have planning permission.

The council is aware of likely changes to national planning policy in relation to housing numbers, however also recognises the importance of moving forward towards a new local plan.

Following the decision of Full Council on 1 May to publish the IPS and then submit to the Secretary of State, the six-week period for public representation starts today (Monday) and runs until midnight on Monday 19 August.

This is an opportunity for anyone to make comments on the soundness of the IPS and suggest any changes they think are necessary.

All duly made comments received are then submitted to the Secretary of State together with the IPS and the evidence base for an independent planning inspector to review and carry out a public examination.

Councillor Paul Fuller, Cabinet member for planning and housing, said: “Publishing the IPS is the next big step forward in the process and offers anyone an opportunity to comment, either in support or objection, to the content of the plan and if they are objecting, to set out why and what changes should be made.

“All of those comments will then be reviewed by an independent planning inspector at the next stage of the process. I would encourage all stakeholders and the community to get involved in this important stage.

“We know that it is likely that there will be changes nationally and we are continually watching that space to see what happens, and what any changes might mean for us.

“It was, however, important that we still publish our plan and begin the formal stages, which may help our position down the line.”

The best way to make comments is using the online comments forms and please be aware that there are certain questions that have to be answered, which are clearly marked on both the online forms and the copy that can be downloaded.

All of the Island Planning Strategy documentation and information on how to comment can be found at

Should national policy changes be confirmed that impact this consultation in any way, further updates will be given at the relevant time.