Questions For The Q&A Session With the Leader of the IWC on March 3rd 2021 – UPDATE 13.04.21

Members of the Isle of Wight Council (including the Leader of the Isle of Wight Council – Cllr David Stewart) will be taking part in a Q&A session with the members of the Nettlestone and Seaview Parish Council. The Public have been contributing questions to the list and it is now published here: CLICK HERE FOR QUESTIONS – questions are identified as being contributed by a Councillor (CLLR) or Member Of the Public (MOP). Questions 1,2,3,13 and 19 are too long to fit in a spreadsheet cell so can be seen by hovering the mouse over the red triangles that can be seen in column C.

*** UPDATE *** 13.04.21 ****

The Responses from the Isle of Wight Council can now be found here: Copy of NS Parish council questions answers