Parish Council Trials Dog Bin at Seagrove Bay

Nettlestone and Seaview Parish Council have, for the last couple of years, been faced by an antisocial issue at the Seagrove Bay public conveniences. Since the new toilet block was built and Island Roads moved the Seagrove Bay dog bin to the bottom of Gully Road, there has been a daily issue of dog waste being left inside the toilet block, i.e. in the sanitary bins, windowsills, on the floor and stacked up on the wall outside. The Council have been in discussions with Island Roads to move the dog bin back to the toilet block but unfortunately, Island Roads are firm in their position that the site in Gully Road is better and will not put a bin back on the toilet block.

Dog bin at Seagrove Bay

The Council have tried various signage to discourage the dumping of dog waste and encourage people to take waste to the Gully Road bin but it has not made a noticeable difference so the Council have now turned to the commercial sector and purchased a new bin that will be serviced by ‘Onward Waste’. The Councillors have agreed to an initial six month trial to see if it is effective in preventing the unpleasant health hazard that is faced by the cleaning team and users on a daily basis.