Keep our beautiful Island tidy this summer

Islanders are being asked to do their bit to keep our beautiful Island tidy this summer.

With the arrival of warmer weather, the Isle of Wight Council is highlighting a few simple steps we can all take to keep our garden isle green and clean while we’re out and about enjoying all it has to offer.

The advice forms part of a summer litter prevention campaign which has already seen the council unveil new measures to help ensure the Island is looking at its best during the holiday season.

Natasha Dix, the council’s strategic manager for waste and environment, said: “We have all spent a lot more time in our local area in the past year and have come to realise just how important our environment is for our mental and physical health.

“We need to care for these spaces and do all we can to keep them free from litter that is not only unsightly, but also a threat to local wildlife and livestock, a source of pollution and a danger to public health.

“Our new task and finish group will be looking at how we can reduce litter and fly-tip through education, public engagement and enforcement and will be reporting back later in the year with a full action plan.

“In the meantime, our summer litter prevention campaign is an ideal opportunity for us all to take a small action that, collectively, will make a big difference.”

Ten steps to keep our beautiful Island tidy this summer

  1. Packing up a picnic? Pack a rubbish bag and pick up your packaging.
  2. Fed up with seeing people out without a bag for their waste? Pop a few bin liners in your pocket to share.
  3. Disposable barbecues are a fire hazard and can cause significant harm to people and animals if left hot in the sand or countryside. If you must have one – make sure it is thoroughly out and cold before disposing of it.
  4. Booking a private waste collection – check you are using a licensed waste carrier, get a receipt, make a note of the carrier’s name and registration plate.
  5. Fancy a spot of litter picking? Some of our community libraries have litter-picks to hire.
  6. Spot your friends leaving litter? Remind them of the harm litter causes.
  7. Is the litter bin full? Take your waste to the next one or take it home.
  8. Dog bin full? You are allowed to put poo bags in general litter bins – or place them in the general waste at home.
  9. Cigarette butts don’t degrade in the environment and cause fires. Do not drop them on the floor or from your car – it is littering and illegal.
  10. Love our Island – We have a stunning island, let’s keep it that way together.

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