Proposed Road Closure – Esplanade, Seaview – Updated 4pm

Concerned residents/businesses may have received a letter today that indicates Wightfibre work will be commencing Monday (13th June) and continuing on until July 19th along the Esplanade (Bluett Avenue to the High Street). This will obviously have a negative impact on businesses at this time of year. Our Ward Councillor David Adams is requesting (via Island Roads and the Leader of the IWC) that this work is postponed until the Autumn and Cllr Hadfield has made a request for a similar intervention from Bob Seely MP.

We will update this page as we receive further updates.

********* UPDATE **********

We have received a report from one of the organisations affected that Wightfibre are postponing the work until October. – 3PM

We have now seen been informed that the CEO of Wightfibre has said that their agreement to postpone the work until October was a mistake and that they are planning to go ahead with the work on Monday – the Councillors are continuing to fight for a postponement – 4pm

Nettlestone & Seaview Parish Council.