E-Scooter Misuse – Lodge a Complaint

If you believe you have seen one of the green Beryl e-scooters being misused you can lodge a complaint via the link in the following statement:

Please be aware that anyone under 16 years cannot legally hire the scooters. Those over 16 years must have a provisional or full driving licence belonging to them in order to hire, which is verified as part of the sign up process on the Beryl App.
Validated riders must then follow these rules:
– The scooter must only be used by the hirer who has been authorised on their Beryl App (ie no “sharing” of the vehicle)
– Riding with passenger is not permitted
– Riding on the pavement or in pedestrian areas is not permitted
– Riding on shared use cycle tracks is not permitted
– Using the scooter in a way that may cause damage is not permitted
– Riding under the influence is not permitted.
Riders should always be considerate to other road users and it is strongly recommend removing headphones, wearing brightly coloured clothing and a helmet.
The public can report the misuse of Beryl scooters here: Complaint Form

All the scooters are GPS tracked and misusers face being banned if misuse is reported on their account. Local police may stop riders not following the rules and take action as required.
If you wish to contact Beryl about this, please contact [email protected]