Seaview and Nettlestone Parish Council convened an Emergency meeting of the Parish council (23rd February 2021) to consider proposing Eddington Road as an Asset of Community Value, following the Isle of Wight Council identifying the site as potential land for development.

Barry Elliott, Chairman of the Parish Council said ‘We wanted to ensure the views of the residents and the community are heard in this process, and are very concerned about the implications of what is being proposed by the IW Council’.

The Local Residents Association have voiced concerns over the Local Authority’s handling of the process and the Parish Council have been critical of the lack of community engagement.

Cllr Elliott added ‘Although we welcome the March Q & A session with the Leader of the Council, this should have happened earlier and we should have been more involved – the implications of what is being proposed is significant, and could have negative consequences for this and neighbouring areas’.

The Council heard from local residents and the Ward Councillor – Cllr Reg Barry and everyone agreed that the proposed 90-100 units were too many for the community. The members resolved to nominate the Eddington Road site as an Asset of Community Value.